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Ardmore’s Phoenix Smith- Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Aesthetic Solutions

by Trina Walker
As an athlete it is important to be a leader and positive role model in school. Athletics, softball in particular, has taught senior, Phoenix Smith how to control emotions and be a positive influence at Ardmore High School.

She says the love between teammates is a special bond. This bond is why Phoenix joined the softball team her sophomore year. “I realized the love the teammates had for each other. They support you in a way someone else can’t. I am passionate about it, because I love the sport. Passion and love are interchangeable in my opinion,” she said. Phoenix is serious about the game but some of her favorite memories are the funny times when things didn’t go exactly as planned. One memory that stands out was during a JV game. “One of the girls threw the bat and almost hit someone,” laughs Phoenix.

She counts on teammates like her best friend, Presley to keep the mood positive.

“Presley is always the loudest one in the dugout, she knows how to make everyone laugh even if we are in terrible moods. She is our biggest motivator,” said Phoenix.

Phoenix wants to give a shoutout first to, Coach D, who works to make her both a better person and player. Second to Coach Kennedy who helps without hesitation. “He always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face even if I’m in one of my moods. When I mess up he tells me just to get the next one and that’s something I think everybody needs in a coach,” she said.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Fairmanier. “She’s there for me when I need someone to talk to,” says Phoenix. “She is someone all students should have in high school. She’s loving, caring and she never leaves a student out.”

Phoenix is most inspired by her mom. “She puts everyone before herself.” Phoenix helps her mom at her job saying, “I don’t always like it but I do it.” Things Phoenix does love are hiking, swimming, late night drives, blasting music and hanging out with friends Presley, Lexie, and El.

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