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Ardmore’s Jax Birth – Cross Country Spotlight – Presented by RibCrib

Jax Birth
Ardmore High School XC
Being the son of a coach can be difficult, but for Jax Birth, a sophomore and cross-country runner at Ardmore High School, he would not have it any other way.

Despite the team not having big numbers this season, Birth and his teammates have enjoyed the season, competing for Ardmore HS while taking some great road trips to meets.

“Coach Birth, while he may be my dad and I don’t want to come across as biased many kids
will agree, he has the most engaging and positive class environment and is always there if you have questions. While this season has been a trial just due to limited players (4) our coach took us to Arkansas for a Chile Festival Run, it was probably the best time I’ve had all year,” said Birth.

The sophomore said being a student-athlete at Ardmore High School is great thanks to the coaching staff and the classes that prepare you for the next level.

“A couple of reasons I believe AHS is not only a good place to be an athlete but also a student is some amazing and dedicated coaching staff that have been with these kids through tough seasons. This year we have worked and talked with them to a point that it has led to a positive effect in not only sports but other fundamental areas of their lives.

Another great reason is the AP classes offered at Ardmore. They have been phenomenal in helping me forward my educational career into the next level,” said Birth.

Growing up, Birth said he had no idea what sport was right for him, but once he tried cross country, he knew competing in distance running was the right choice for him.

“In actuality before joining cross country I had no idea what the sport was. When I joined, I thought it would be something along the lines of hiking or mountain climbing, however I never played any real sports growing up aside from YMCA soccer,” said Birth.

The sophomore said he has embraced building relationships with his teammates and is looking forward to the coming seasons.

“My teammates are all really fun to be around and we always have an amazing time together. Honestly if not for this sport, we would have just been classmates. It’s more of a team than a group. We all are bonded pretty close together. One teammate I was really impressed with was Brayden Whittorne. He puts in more work than anyone on the team and he is dedicated to success of the team. He will do good regardless of where he goes,” said Birth.

Birth is focused on his grades and making the most of his sophomore year. Birth is a member of the Youth and Leadership Program and is a concurrent student as well as an Eagle Scout. His plans after high school could include military service.

“I don’t really have a plan for what I want my degree to be but I’m looking to go into the Naval Academy in Annapolis and from there into the U.S. Navy,” said Birth.

Birth said he’s focused on his grades and how that can help him get into college.

“Honestly cross country has never been a super popular sport and I don’t see myself utilizing it for a collage,” said Birth.

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