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Ardmore’s Jaxon Weaver Athlete Spotlight Presented by Owens Insurance Agency

By Emory Kouplen

Jaxon Weaver an outstanding athlete at Ardmore High School. He is a senior who plays football, where he is a defensive bandit and tight end, and he has been playing football since the seventh grade. He has always enjoyed the game of football, which is what ultimately led him to pursue it as a sport. “Football has been my favorite sport since I could remember and there is no better feeling than putting my helmet on under the Friday night lights.” Jaxon appreciates football for a number of reasons. He specifically likes it not only for the competitive aspect, but the community that it has brought to him.

“I enjoy the brotherhood from football and the things it will teach you about being a man in life.” It is clear that Weaver has appreciated the various lessons that he has learned from football. Jaxon shares that the most valuable lesson that he has learned during his football career, that he applies both on and off the field, is that “nothing will ever be handed to you in life, and no matter the outcome you have to get right back to work.” Weaver is an upperclassman leader that plays a large role in the ultimate wellbeing of the team. He strives to show his leadership through setting a good example for those around him. “I show up every day ready to get better, and hopefully it will inspire them to do the same.” As an experienced football player, Jaxon offers some advice to those who are looking to pursue his sport: “If you want to play football, you have to have a whole lot of heart and a whole lot more grit, and when you get hit in the mouth go hit them right back the next play.”

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