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Q & A with Ardmore’s Jackson Hurt Presented by Excel Therapy

VYPE: What keeps you motivated?

Jackson: Knowing that if I keep on working I can always get better. 

VYPE: Who are some of your biggest influences or role models?

Jackson: Definitely my mother. She’s tough and is always there when I need her. 

VYPE: What teacher has had the biggest impact on your life?

Jackson: My history teacher in my sophomore and junior years. Coach Birth was one of my own coaches and he showed me when you truly care about what you’re doing you can be great at it.

VYPE: What has it taken to be successful in your sports?

Jackson: Discipline, determination and grit.

VYPE: What has been the highlight moment of your career?

Jackson: Probably when I made my first catch on the field. It was my junior year and I got a first down on a fourth down play against our rival.

VYPE: Which teammate do you enjoy working against the most with in practice?

Jackson: Javon Singleton is one of the best athletes on our team and gives it everything at practice.

VYPE: Who is the least appreciated player on your team? 

Jackson: Derek Meely, that dude plays almost every down in the game and still gives 100% at all times.

VYPE: Who is your favorite person you follow on social media?

Jackson: Shohei Ohtani. I’m a big baseball fan and he is probably the most talented player to ever play and he is super respectful.

VYPE: What does it mean to you to represent your school and community when you play?

Jackson: It means a lot to be able to play for my school and community and I am very lucky that I even have the opportunity to do so.

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