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Ardmore’s Lisa Carpenter – Mom of the Month – Presented by RibCrib

Lisa Carpenter supports Ardmore High School’s baseball program in several ways.

“I stock the concessions. I ask for volunteers to work concessions and the gate for ticket sales,” Carpenter said. “If we do not have enough volunteers, I work with the athletic director’s assistant to find help. I collect and count the money from ticket and concession sales, sponsorships and any donations. Then, I fill out all the paperwork and deposit it in the baseball account.”

It’s thankless work, but the efforts are worth it for Carpenter to see her three sons’ athletic dreams come to fruition. The oldest, Colton, graduated from AHS and played football and baseball. Andrew, an AHS senior, plays baseball and previously played football before dedicating his focus to his skills on the diamond his sophomore year. Jaxon, only a freshman, plays baseball and excels in motocross.

“My kids have participated in sports since they were 4 years old. I believe sports have helped in the development of my kids,” Carpenter said. “Athletics teach resilience, accountability, leadership, respect and patience. It has helped my kids be all-around good people.”

Carpenter knows that her best ability as ‘baseball mom’ is availability. She’s always game to field a call from AHS head coach CJ Kennedy, doesn’t miss a game, keeps the books and always has a backpack with ibuprofen, tylenol, antacids and snacks.

“I make sure I have Red Bull for coach Kennedy, too,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter’s parents made the same efforts for her; she was active in theater and athletics growing up.

“I guess you could say it was instilled in me by my parents,” Carpenter said. “I always say, ‘I’m a mom. That’s what I’m supposed to do.’

“I believe it helps build a foundation that sets them up for success and helps build a strong relationship between child and parent,” Carpenter said.

The experiences Colton, Andrew and Jaxon have received while playing sports have been instrumental in their growing up. There’s no shortage of work that goes into being a ‘baseball mom,’ but if you ask Lisa Carpenter, it’s been worth the trouble.

“I want my kids to learn that you can’t always win, and that is OK,” Carpenter said. “Life throws curveballs, and you may swing and miss, but you must get back in there and try again.”

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