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9 Questions with Ardmore’s Josie Coe – Presented by Aesthetic Solutions Medspa & Wellness Clinic

Basketball has helped Josie Coe through several moves and changes.

“I went to school in Lone Grove from fourth-grade year to nearly the end of ninth grade year,” said Coe, an Ardmore High School sophomore. “My step dad found a job in Whitesboro, Texas, in the middle of basketball season and a teammate’s mom talked my mom into letting me stay with them in Lone Grove to finish off basketball season. After that, I moved to Whitesboro with the rest of my family and finished my ninth-grade year there.”

Coe loves the diversity at AHS.

“Coming from a school where everyone fits in with everyone, it was hard to get out of my shell and be myself, but at Ardmore, there’s so much room to unapologetically myself,” Coe said. “Another part was meeting coaches, teachers and friends that I know I can call or text years from now and be able to have someone to count on.”

Coe’s ambitions have grown in her first year at Ardmore.

“My sophomore year went well but not as solid as I expected. Coming to a new school, I had a slow start but further into the year I gained stronger bonds and chemistry on and off the court,” Coe said.

Coe plays points guard for the Tigers.

“I think my best skills on the court would be reading the floor and having a high enough iQ about the game to know where I need to be and where my teammates are at all times,” Coe said. “My goals for the next 2 years for basketball are to be more consistent with scoring so I can reach 1,000 points by the end of senior year.”

Coe’s first option after high school is to get a basketball scholarship.

“If not, as of right now I want to get my real estate license and move to a bigger city and start a family,” Coe said. 

When she’s not playing basketball, Coe is usually hanging out with friends, family or her boyfriend.

“I’m a quiet person until I get comfortable with you then all I will do is talk,” Coe said. “I’m a very understanding person. I hate when people make fun of others and aren’t open-minded about one another’s’ life and what each and every person they come across could be going through.”

Coe’s advice to younger athletes and students: “Find what you love and chase it with everything in you.”

“Somewhere along the line you may find something you love even deeper. Life goes on and you only live once so make the best of it that you can, and trust God,” Coe said.

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