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Plainview’s Emery Glavin – Presented by Henry Roberts Express Pharmacy

Emery Glavin is a dual-sport athlete at Plainview High School. Competing in two sports can be a lot of work but she knows that you have to be willing to do more in order to be your best. “In order to be successful there have been a lot of sacrifices made,” she said. “The amount of time needed to succeed
cuts out the time spent on distractions.”

Glavin, who is in her senior year, is a member of the basketball and track teams. Outside of sports, she is also involved in the National Honor Society, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Student Council.
Like most athletes, there are times when Emery may not feel like putting in the necessary work. It is in those times that she does her best to get refocused.

“There are so many things that push me and motivate me to be the best athlete I can possibly be,” she said. “But if I had to pick one it would be the feeling of all my hard work paying off. There have been so many memories that I have made and I am so thankful for them all. But I think my favorite would
be jumping five feet and four inches for the first time.” Along with all the work she has put in, Glavin
has also had people that have influenced her during her life and helped her become the
person and the athlete that she is today.

“One of my biggest role models is my brother Cooper,” she said. “He played football in high school and I learned so much about what it means to work hard and be a christian athlete. Another would have to be coach Growall. He is a football coach and teaches leadership at our high school. He also works diligently and puts on FCA for the athletes every week. I took his class freshman year and was taught the true meaning of character and what it means to lead peers.” As her final year of high school is coming to a close, Emery has her eyes set on the next opportunity. She will be attending Oklahoma Christian on a track scholarship.

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